This page contains a list of most common questions/problems. Look for your question/problem on this list BEFORE you email us. If you cannot find your specific problem or the information listed is not helpful, a customer service representative or technical support engineer will email you in 1 or 2 hours. Technical and general support is closed 12:00 AM (midnight) to 9:00 AM Eastern time. All inquiries of any nature will need a Tech Support ID Number if you want a response. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE WITHOUT THE NUMBER.

If you are having problems playing, displaying graphics/icons, receiving a Tech Support ID Number, or other difficulties, most likely your browser is misconfigured. See the section below entitled, "Graphics not loading properly", especially if you are using Amazon Casino Online. Provide your phone number in your email if you cannot configure your browser using the info below and a Tech Support engineer will call to help you. Please note, we have thousands of players and have successfully serviced millions of transactions, so there is an extremely high degree of probability your browser configuration is causing your problem and not our system. We will be glad to help you configure your browser correctly.

We have 6 departments to aid you. The departments are Customer Service, Accounting, Legal, Fraud, Technical and Administrative. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the proper department to be answered. The head of each department is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Your satisfaction is their highest priority.

The following MUST be included when contacting us:

Tech Support ID Number (see very bottom of page for number)
Your Name
Casino Account Name and Number (very important!)
Exact description Of Your Question/Problem
Any Error Messages
Type Of Browser You Use
Name Of Your Internet Service Provider
Your Email Address
Telephone Number (if you want someone to call)

All of the above information must be provided.

Tech Support ID Number Is At Very Bottom Of This Page

Find your question/problem before requesting an ID number.

Most Common Questions/Problems

  1. How do I configure my browser?
  2. How do I enable animated graphics and MIDI sound?
  3. How do I get Chips/Chips Code?
  4. Graphics do not fit on screen.
  5. How do open an account?
  6. My Chips code is invalid.
  7. I ordered Chips, but my balance is zero.
  8. How do I complete the registration process?
  9. I keep getting, "PLAYER NOT FOUND".
  10. I selected NO to the CONTEST and I meant YES.
  11. Why only support Netscape and Microsoft browsers?
  12. Is the system very slow today?
  13. I cannot open an account.
  14. I get a lot of errors.
  15. Is the contest legal?
  16. How do I add Chips to my account?
  17. Does Amazon Casino have bugs?
  18. Graphics not loading properly.
  19. How am I paid contest winnings?
  20. I have not received my credit/check/refund.
  21. Is Amazon Casino fair and honest?
  22. You did not respond to my email or call.
  23. I have not received my Chips.
  24. I redeemed and it did not complete
  25. I lost my KENO/LOTTO ticket.
  26. What are the rules and payouts of the games?
  27. How do I close my account?
  28. Are the payouts correct and fair?
  29. I have a question/problem that's not listed here.

1. Graphics Not Loading Properly/Configure Browser

WeALWAYS send each game graphic. We have players on WebTV, AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy and many others. Most all have had success playing at 21 Casino. If you are not receiving graphics, not able to receive a Tech Support ID Number, or having other browser related problems, please try the following:

AOL Users (use AOL's latest version of software)

AOL Netscape version: Configure the browser as follows: GRAPHICS ON, GRAPHICS UNCOMPRESSED and DON'T DISPLAY GRAPHICS AT 2400 (UNCHECK THIS BOX). Go to PREFERENCES to make these changes.

AOL Microsoft version: Configure the browser as follows: UNCOMPRESSED graphics. Temporary Internet File set to EVERY VISIT TO THE PAGE. Multimedia to SHOW PICTURES and PLAY SOUNDS (if you have sound capability).

Netscape Users

Set the following Netscape Options: CHOOSING COLORS (AUTOMATIC), DISPLAY gambling-casinos-graphics (WHILE LOADING) and VERIFY DOCUMENTS (EVERYTIME). These parameters may be found in PREFERENCES. Also, AUTO LOAD gambling-casinos-graphics under the OPTIONS pull down tab must be CHECKED.

Microsoft Users

Configure the browser as follows: Temporary Internet Files set to EVERY VISIT TO THE PAGE. Multimedia to SHOW PICTURES and PLAY SOUNDS (if you have sound capability). These setting may be found in OPTIONS.

All Users

If you continue to have problems after making the changes above, try the following:

Clear your MEMORY AND DISK CACHE. This clears and resets graphics which may be corrupt and cached to your disk.

Try setting your NETWORK CONNECTIONS to 4 and your NETWORK BUFFER SIZE to 32 KB. These settings may be found in Netscape's OPTIONS under NETWORK PREFERENCES.

Also, the problem may be due to your WinSock or TCP/IP being misconfigured. If you are using the Trumpet WinSock, then change your MTU setting to 400H (HEX) or 1024 (DECIMAL). Actually, try changing this setting no matter what WinSock or TCP/IP you are using. You will get better performance from all over the Web (These are advanced settings, try only if you have experience).

If you still have problems, follow the directions for contacting us and a tech support rep will contact you.


2. How To Enable Graphics and Sound

You have the option to select animated graphics or sound when you enter Amazon Casino. At the MEMBERS ONLY login page, select the options you desire. If you select MIDI sound, your computer system must be able to play MIDI sound files. A "Helper Application" may need to be configured in your browser to play MIDI files. The MIME type is: audio/midi. Check the instructions for your browser (or call tech support of your Internet Service Provider) for further assistance.

Click here to test your system for animation and sound. When you select, you should see the Ace of Spades with the spade on the card turning. You should also hear a song.


3. Where Do I Get Chips

Go to Order Chips to place an order for Chips.


4. Games Do Not Fit On Screen

If you are in a windows environment (DOS), then set your screen size to 600 X 800 resolution. At this size, you may want to change to large fonts. All games will fit on your screen at this size.

In other environments, try experimenting with your screen resolution.


5. I Need To Open An Account

Go to Open Account to open an account. Please, first read and then follow all directions.


6. Chips Code Is Invalid

The Chips code can only be used at the CASHIER and you must have a valid account prior to using the code. The code can only be used one time and then becomes invalid. You do not need a code if you ordered using our online Order Form. Chips are added directly to your account if you use the form.

Remember, you must include the dash ("-") in the code and there are no spaces. Also, any character that looks like a "1" or "0" are the numbers one and zero respectively. The letters "i", "I", "l" and "O" are not valid and do not appear in the code.


7. Ordered Chips But Balance Is Zero


You received a letter containing a Chips code after you placed your order. You must add this code to your account, since we do not know your account information. Simply, enter the code exactly as it is shown in the letter at the CASHIER. Make sure you enter the code in the section "ADD TO MY ACCOUNT". The amount will instantly update your balance with the new total. If you did not receive our email, you could have a problem in your area. Please send us email explaining you have not received your order and our Accounting Department will resend it or call you by telephone.


It may take up to one hour to update your account if you used our Online Form to place your order. Please drop us an email message if one hour has past and our Accounting Department will respond.


8. Registration not Complete

Go to the Cashier and complete the first section. You will be allowed to complete the registration process.


9. Keep Getting Player Not Found

Easily 99% of the time, this error is due to entering an incorrect 'Acctname' or 'Password'. Most likely, what was actually entered to create the account is different than what you now remember. The Acctname and all Passwords are case sensitive and the account "Acesup2133" is different han "acesup2133". After you open the account, a number is appended to the end of your Username. Therefore, the username "Acesup" may have the number 2133 appended to it. This would make the new Acctname "Acesup2133". There are no spaces in the name.

New accounts may be closed if Chips are not added within 10 days after opening the account. Accounts that have not been accessed for 60 days or greater after Chips have been added are automatically closed.

If you still have problems, send us all information you can remember about your Acctname and Password(s) and we will try to find it. The less information you provide regarding your Acctname/Username, the less likely we will be able to help you.


10. I Want To Enter The Contest.

We can change your status to "YES" if you contact us within 24 hours after opening the account. This is for legal reasons and there are NO exceptions.

Please contact us by email with all requested information within 24 hours of opening your account and we will change your contest status to "YES".


11. Why Must I Use Netscape/Microsoft

Unfortunately, there are many browsers available to the web surfer. These browsers have no standard between them. What works with one, often will not work with another. We realized that Netscape and Microsoft were the most popular browses and used them as our standard. We only support Netscape Navigator 2.0 (or higher) and Microsoft Explorer 3.0 (or higher). We have players who use other browsers, but there is a chance of transmission errors or the screen may have very serious formatting problems.

In a very recent issue of PC Magazine, it picked Netscape 3.0 and Microsoft 3.0 as the best browsers available. We hope in the near future the browser manufacturers will adopt a standard and adhere to it.


12. Why Is 21 Casino So Slow

Amazon Casino is not slow. It is either the Internet itself or your Internet service provider which is causing the problem. We have connections to the Net called T1's. Each server is attached to a single T1 and when it reaches a certain capacity of players, another server goes on-line. The servers are "tuned" to provide the maximum throughput for the T1 circuit. However, we cannot control our transmissions after they leave our site. If the Net is very busy with other transmissions or your provider is busy, you may sense a slow-down even though we are serving data very quickly. For instance, lets say you a leaving for work in a car doing 65 MPH at the beginning of rush hour. After a while other cars get onto the highway and begin to slow you down even though you still have the capability of doing 65 MPH. When you get to your exit, there is an accident (your exit is your provider) and this further slows your speed. So, you can see that your speed is affected by other traffic on the road and the conditions of your exit. Going less that 65 MPH is not a problem you have caused. Some providers have very bad 'exits' such as AOL which slows to a crawl certain times of the day.


13. I Cannot Open An Account

Opening an account is fairly simple. First, read all directions at Open Account page. The directions fully explain the simple process for opening an account. You must complete the entire form.


14. I Am Getting A Lot Of Errors

The number one cause of transmission errors is using the wrong browser. We only support the Netscape Navigator 2.0 (or higher) or Microsoft Explorer 3.0 (or higher) browsers. WebTV has also had very good success with our system. Other browsers may cause problems. Also, make sure you wait after clicking on an ICON until your browser is IDLE again. If it takes longer than 20 seconds to go idle, you may have a different problem.

Errors may also be due to your WinSock or TCP/IP being misconfigured. If this is a reoccurring problem, then try clearing your disk and memory cache. Also try setting your network connections to 4 and your network buffer size to 32 KB. These settings may be found in Netscape's OPTIONS under NETWORK PREFERENCES. Also, change the maximum size of the units your computer can receive to 400H (HEX) or 1024 (DECIMAL). This parameter is usally called 'MTU'.

If you are using an approved browser and continue to have problems, contact us and a technical support engineer will review your case.


15. Is The Contest Legal

Obviously, we do not know the laws of every jurisdiction of every country, however we have over 50,000 players from all over the world. Countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Brazil and many, many more. Our contest has been in operation for a very long time. Please read the RULES AND REGS for complete information.


16. How Do I Add Chips

Chips are automatically added to you account in you use our Online Form. Other ordering methods will require you to obtain a Chips code. Any method or ordering will require that you have a valid account. If you have a 'Chips Code', go to the CASHIER and enter the proper information in the section entitled, " ADD TO YOUR ACCOUNT".

Go to our Order Chips page for more information on ordering Chips.


17. Amazon Casino Has Bugs

Not very likely! We have over 55,000 active players. The system has been tested and retested and has now been in active operation over two years. The BETA portion of testing lasted over a year alone. THAT'S THREE YEARS!!! We have engineers monitor the servers 24 hours a day looking for any problems that may occur. If you are having problems, it is most probably due to some other error which is not in our control. We will gladly attempt to identify the source of your problems, simply contact us with the necessary information.


19. How Do I Get My Contest Winnings

We send you a check for any amount greater than the total charged on your credit card and we request your ecash vendor to place a refund on your card for any amount charged. For example, you purchased $50.00 in Chips and you win $110.00 in the contest. Your ecash vendor may post a credit of $50.00 to your credit card and send you a check for $60.00. Any amount paid is subject to all posted rules and regulations.


20. Haven't Received Credit/Check/refund

Remember, it takes 5 to 7 business days (business days do not include weekends and holidays) for our accounting department to verify your account and process the redeem. If a check is due, then time must be added for transit by the US Postal Service. Always check with your bank or review your statement. We may have request your ecash vendor to post a refund to your credit card(s).

Also, it's possible that you improperly completed the REDEEM request. You may have entered an incorrect email address. Any incorrect information or using a name not registered with Amazon Casino WILL cause a delay. Contact us and we will promptly investigate and respond.


21. 21 Casino Is Very Honest

Amazon Casino is FAIR and HONEST!!! The payouts are derived from common games like video poker and video black jack. In fact, we are more liberal than most similar arcade games. We have not, and never will, 'rig' our server to be unfair. We would not jeopardize losing the 55,000 players (and growing) who have joined. Amazon Casino wouldn't last very long as a business if we cheated our players of a few Chips. If you have a specific concern, please let us know and a senior level manager will contact you.


22. No Response To My Email or Phone Call

We will contact you. We always respond to every email or call we receive. Please allow 1 to 2 hours for a response. However, customer service is closed between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM the next morning (pacific). Remember, we have over 50,000 players and we always answer requests in the order they were received.


23. Have Not Received My Chips


Please allow 1 to 2 hours to process your order. Orders received after 11:00 PM will be processed the next morning beginning at 7:00 AM (pacific time). You will receive a letter which will contain your Chips Code. Please read all mail. You may already have your Chips Code in one of the letters we sent. It is very important that your return email address is properly configured. Many responses from us or sponsors are automatic. Your return email address is used to send you mail. If it's incorrect, you may not receive important messages.


It may take up to one hour to update your account with Chips if you use our online Order Form. You do not need a Chips code since we update your account directly.

Contact us if you have not received the code or your account has not been updated in the specified time. Our Accounting Department will contact you.


24. My Redeem Did Not Complete

Please send us all requested information and we will investigate. Chips will be placed back on your account if we find a problem. You then can REDEEM again.


25. Lost KENO/LOTTO Ticket

We are sorry, but there is no way for us to recover a lost ticket. The system handles this automatically and for security reasons, our staff has no access to this information.


26. What Are The Game Rules/Payouts

Complete games rules and payouts can be found inside Amazon Casino at the LOBBY. Simply click on RULES when you enter Amazon Casino for complete details.


27. I Would Like To Close My Account

Simply, do not enter Amazon Casino and your account will automatically close in 60 days. Our staff CANNOT manually close an account.


28. Non-Listed Question/Problem

Please contact us and include the following information:

The following MUST be included when contacting us:

Tech Support ID Number (see very bottom of page for number)
Your Name
Casino Account Name and Number (very important!)
Exact description Of Your Question/Problem
Any Error Messages
Type Of Browser You Use
Name Of Your Internet Service Provider
Your Email Address
Telephone Number (if you want someone to call)

All of the above information must be provided.

Find your question/problem before requesting an ID number.

Click below for a Tech Support ID Number and send all of the above information to us. We will respond within the times specified on the SUPPORT HOME page.

You MUST have this number before we contact you.

Click Here to mail casino tech support
AFTER you have the Tech Support ID from above

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